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Hermitage Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet

SCHEDULE for Hermitage Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet 2022

In 2012, 2014 and 2015 Hermitage Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet (established 1783) was awarded as the best chamber ballet in Russia

Hermitage theatre Hermitage theatreBallet plays in the Emperor Hermitage theatre of the State Hermitage took a special place in an event programme of theatrical Petersburg.
The word "Hermitage" is strongly associated with the palace complex of Winter Emperor Palace in the center of Saint Petersburg. The complex of buildings of the Winter Palace is a masterpiece of palace architecture and serves the main decoration of the city on Neva.
The State Hermitage takes five monumental buildings, created in 18-19th centuries by famous architects and located in the very center of Saint Petersburg.
The Hermitage Theatre belongs to a number of famous but nit available and, as a rule, not including into the usual execution route objects of the Hermitage; it is really a masterpiece of the architecture. The Hermitage Theatre - is the oldest building of the Winter Palace Complex. It was build on the site of the former Winter Palace by Peter I. The theatre building is functionally independent, faces its facade on Dvortsovaya Embankment and is connected with the main palace building by means of an arch over the canal, connecting Moika river with Neva river - "Zimniaya Kanavka". This building was constructed in 171-1723, and the theatre itself was build later - in 1783-85, to a design by the architect Gakomo Quarneghi and finished in 1802.


Swan Lake. Click to enlagre Swan Lake. Click to enlagre Swan Lake. Click to enlagre

The Hermitage Ballet theatre is one of the best Chamber Ballets in Russia. The artistic director is Lev Bruskin, a classmate of Mikhail Baryshnikov The members of the Corps de Ballet are all graduates from the world famous Vaganova School and they have performed all over USA, UK, Western and Eastern Europe.
Those that have attended other premier ballet theaters in Russia will marvel at the intimate setting of the Hermitage Theater. Every seat is comfortable and offers an unparalleled view of the stage. The performances are so popular that they are often sold out when aficionados arrive and they cannot get in.

The stage of this theatre is distinguished by a special beauty, graceful decorations, and a unique historical tie to the Imperial past of the Hermitage that hosted performances attended by Catherine the Great. Almost every evening the curtain rises and the ballet performances begin. The performances are known for their adherance to the past glory of Russian ballet. Each traditional ballet is truly beautiful and the theater resonates with live music of the great composers perfomed by a fine symphonic orchestra. These presentations boast the participation of masters of the highest order and are treasures of ballet art. The music of great composers, the high level of acting and sincere welcome that greets every patron make every visit to the theater a special event. Auidiences see brilliant artists and react accordingly. It is important to note that the revival of the Hermitage Theater makes it possible to step back in time to see a performance as did the previous crowned heads of state during the days of Imperial Russia. It is all the more remarkable that these ballets are again being performed along the historic Neva Embankment and it is as if the patron has stepped back into a time once thought to have been lost forever. We cordially invite anyone truly interested in world class ballet to attend a performance in our historic jewel of a theater.

The repertoire of ballet performances consist of the best masterpieces of classical ballet like "Giselle", "Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty", and also Gala-concerts (Evenings of the Stars of Russian Ballet). Gala Concerts celebrate fragments of famous ballets such as "Sleeping Beauty", "Giselle", "Swan Lake", "Raymonda", "Sylphida", "Esmeralda", "Le Corsair", "Don Quixote", "Spartacus", "The Fountain of Bakhchisaray", "Carmen", "Schekherezada", "Legend of Love", "The Dying Swan" and many others.

Virtual Tour

Small Swans Dance
from "Swan Lake" ballet


The word "Hermitage" is firmly identified with the complex of the world famous Winter Palace in the centre of historic St. Petersburg. The Winter Palace is a masterpiece of architecture and serves as the main ornament of the city on the Neva. It houses a huge museum of world wide fame. The Hermitage might just be the most famous art museum in the world. It is surely the most beautiful former royal palace of any European state. The Winter Palace is not simply a building containing art; it is an integral part of the state museum, The Hermitage, consists of a total of nine palaces and is a national property and the pride of the Russian people. It is also one of the most heavily visited tourist sites in the world. Inarguably it ranks as the Number One tourist site in St.-Petersburg.

Today the State Hermitage complex consists of five majestic buildings created from XVIII-XIX by famous architects and is located in the centre of St. Petersburg.

During it‘s existence many millions of art patrons have visited the Hermitage. Tourists, both Russian, and foreign, visiting this "Venice of the North" aspire to visit this treasury of art by all means, to look invaluable collections, to join to perfect, to get a part of inspiration and spiritual perfection. Make your trip complete with a visit to Catherine‘s personal theater and a ballet performance.

No visit to the Hermitage Art Museum should be considered complete without a visit to the personal theater of Catherine the Great. It has been painstakingly restored to its former granduer and it is worth a visit to Russia just to see it and attend a performance there. Everyone knows of the theater‘s existence but only a privileged few have ever seen it. Become one of the few to have enjoyed this special treasure of architeture in the heart of Imperial St. Petersburg.

The Hermitage Theatre is the oldest building in the complex of theWinter Palace preserved to our time. It was built on the site of the former Winter Palace of Peter I. The construction of the theatre is functionaly independent and is connected to the basic court building by an arch. The arch is built over the channel that connects the Moika River to the river Neva. The arch is called the "Winter flute". The theater building, which sometimes is called as fourth Winter the Palace, was constructed between 1711-1723. The theatre was built later in 1783-1785 during the reign of Catherine the Great. The architect was Jakomo Kvarengi, who built around 30 of the most beautiful buildings and structures in the city.

The decoration of theatre and his halls is unique and represents a classical masterpiece of palace architecture of XXVII century. The small court theatre counted on 250 spectators was intended for the imperial family and selected court noblesse, that has defined the forms, capacity of the hall and disposition of rows of spectators. Auditorium, the main premise of the theatre, differs by grace and magnificence of the decoration and furniture. A deep amphitheatre of the auditorium conceived by an antique principle, in the proportions is harmoniously combined with lines of marble half-columns framing a semicircular hall. A small pit of three rows at seven armchairs each for the honorary guests is arranged before a stage. Behind a balustrade separating the stage from the auditorium, there are some more lines of benches and two lateral boxes. Walls of the auditorium are trimmed with marble and are decorated with classical sculptures of Appolon and nine muses. The bas-reliefs with image of known poets and musicians are established.

The seats of armchairs are upholstered by red velvet; floors are covered with carpet coverings. Unique lusters softly illuminating the hall are lowered with a ceiling. The architectural decision of the auditorium of the Hermitage has the strict classical forms included in the canons of world building art. Venerable architects of many countries of the world come to study immortal works of the great master Jakomo Kvarengi.

Before the stage an open orchestral hole separated from the hall by the balustrade is arranged. The geometrical parities of area of the hall and depth of scenic space have not equal to themselves. At small width - the stage is rather deep and it allows arranging of various sets and gives to actors necessary and large in the area space, sufficient for staging of ballet performances. The auditorium is unique, it is small in volume and is located so, that does not require using of theatrical field glasses. Everything occurring on the stage is visible well from any place. The hall has natural perfect acoustics, sounds of music precise and it is clear are transferred without distortions, that is of doubtless and bright advantage. A combination of the architectural forms and achievement of the special acoustic properties of a premise - is unique feature and natural flair of the architect.


Today a hall of the Hermitage theatre and all premises are reconstructed completely. Ornamentation of the hall, lines of armchairs, a ceiling, a system of illumination and acoustics Hermitage theatre Hermitage theatre are restored exactly. Modern scenic equipment, sound amplifier and light installations with computer usage, perfect, gracefully weaved curtain are arranged. The basic restoration works were completed to 1989. Today the additional restoration works are carried out at the theatre and it accepts visitors, spectators and tourists sparkling by the magnificence again. The Hermitage theatre - is a large pearl in a necklace of treasures of the Hermitage.
The theatre and hall decoration is unique and represents a classical masterpiece of palace architecture of 17th century.
Firstly was thought as a small court theatre with capacity of 250 peoples, which is for Emperor family and selected court. This defined forms, hall sizes and seat arrangement. The hall has an elegant and brilliant decoration. Deep circle of the hall, thought in ancient principle, in is proportions is harmonically suitable to rows of marble semicolumns, arranged a semiround hall. In front of the stage there are the small stalles for three rows with seven seats for important guests. Behind the balustrade, selected the wall from the hall, there are several rows of the hall are decorated with marble and classical sculptures of Apollo and nine muses. Bas-reliefs with drawing of famous poets and musicians are installed. Click to enlarge
The seats are covered by red velvet; the floors are covered by carpets. Unique lamps softly lightening the hall come down from the ceiling. The architectural design of the hall of the Hermitage theatre is in the strict classical forms of a worlds building and canons.
In front of the stage there is an orchestra hole, separated from the hall by the balustrade. The geometrical proportions of hall area and depth of stage space are unique. Having small width the stage is enough deep and allows to set up different decorations and gives the artists the necessary and large space, that is enough for staging ballet performances. The hall itself is unique; it is quite small and is situated so that there is no need of opera glasses. Everything on the stage is well seen from each seat. He has unique form and volumes with brilliant natural acoustics; the music sounds are transmitted clearly and without distorting.
The performances of best Petersburg and Moscow ballet dancers and ballet troupes are staged at the unique in beauty and decoration theatre. Almost every evening the curtain is gone up and beautiful ballet performances start; live music of great composer‘s sounds in the performance of symphonic orchestra. These performances with high-class masters are the treasure of ballet art. Music of great composers, high level of performing, hospitality really impresses the guests of Saint Petersburg. The performances are unique and nicely add the impression of historical image of a beautiful city, its embankment and canals.
The ballet repertoire is: "Giselle", " Swan lake","Chopiniana" etc. Also in the Hermitage theatre there are evening of ballets starts - Gala-concerts, including the fragments of world-known ballets such as "The sleeping beauty", "Giselle", "Raymonda", "La Sylphide", "La Esmeralda" "Corsair", "Don Quixote", "Spartak", "Carmen", "Legend of love", concert piece, the masterpiece of Russian ballet "A Dying swan" and many others.
The leading soloists and ballet artists of the Hermitage theatre of Russia and other ballet theatres of Saint Petersburg take place in the performances.

Hermitage Ballet prima ballerinas


Yury Mirov - Soloist of the Hermitage Theatre. Click to enlarge Truppe of the Hermitage Theatre. Click to enlarge


3-course traditional Russian dinners with Russian vodka shot (served before the show at the restaurant nearby, for the clients who bought tickets for show + dinner)


Hermitage Ballet theatre hall plan

Hermitage theatre - the plan of the hall - preview


Accompaniment for the Ballets


St. Petersburg Radio & TV Symphony Orchestra. Click to enlarge

Ballets are accompanied by St. Petersburg Radio & TV Symphony Orchestra.
Artistic director - people artist of Russia, Maestro Stanistlav Gorgovenko.

Seat numbers in the Hermitage Ballet theatre

Hermitage Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet (established 1783) was a private theatre for Emperor's family and friends only. Theatre is small and cosy. It is very limited number of seats here.
Every row is much higher then the previous. Because of it, you have unique unparalleled view of the stage from any seat, even if you not a toll. All seats are very good and exclusive.
For that reason there is no seat numbers. All tickets are "free seating" tickets. If you prefer some certain seats, please came early before the performance and take the seats you want. To take some certain seats, we recommend to arrive about 30 minutes before the performance starting time.

Menu for traditional Russian dinners with Russian vodka shot (served before the show, for the clients who bought tickets for show + dinner):

Russian dinner #1 (meat):
1. Olivier salad with boiled beef
2. Homemade noodle soup
3. Homemade baked ham with "Idaho" potatoes
4. Tea or coffee
5. Dessert
6. Shot of Russian Vodka

Russian dinner #2 (fish):
1. Russian salad with salmon
2. Fish soup
3. Grilled trout with rice and vegetables
4. Tea or coffee
5. Dessert
6. Shot of Russian Vodka

Russian dinner #4 (vegetarian):
1. Vegetable salad (fresh vegetables with greens)
2. Mushroom soup
3. Vegetable ratatouille with vegetables and rice
4. Tea or coffee
5. Dessert
6. Shot of Russian Vodka

Dress Code for Hermitage Ballet theatre

There is no strict dress code for the Hermitage Ballet theatre. Casual dress is accepted, for example you can wear jeans if you want. The only dress that are not allowed are shorts and T-shirts.


Address: Dvortsovaya Embankment, 34 , see map

SCHEDULE for Hermitage Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet 2022

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