The Ball Presenter. Click to enlarge

Theatrical performance in the Hall with white columns
before gala-dinner

Gala music, presenters‘ appearance, guest greeting

1.   Ch. Gunot – Waltz from the opera “Faust”

2.   Tchaikovsky – “Russkaya” from the ballet “Swan Lake”

3.   Chopin – 7th waltz from the ballet “Chopiniana”

4.   Mozart – “Mozart”

5.   Tchaikovsky – Variation from the ballet “Nutcracker” –

6.   “Maloguenya”

7.   Minkus – Pas-de-deux from the ballet “Pakhita”

8.   Tchaikovsky –“Pastoral”

9.   Minkus – “Gypsy’s dance” from the ballet “Don Quixote”

10.   Minkus – Pa-de-de from the ballet “Don Quixote”

Oak hall Front staircase. Click to enlarge White Hall Click to enlarge

Bows from all the participants

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