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The New Year's Eve Ball in the palace of Grand Duke Vladimir

Palace embankment, 26

This solemn ball, resting upon century-old traditions, is really in harmony with the spirit of Northern capital.
The palace of Grand Duke Vladimir was build in the middle of XIX century.
Magnificient tradition of New Year Ball was restored in XXI century. Since 2001, New Year Balls are held annually.

20.00-21.30 Guests’ arrival. Young ballet dancers meet guests at the gala staircase and give them the new year props: masks, Christmas crackers, streamer. Here, visitors are saluted by court ladies in magnificent dresses with crinoline – they are presenters of the ball. As arrived guests are invited to make a tour of Grand Dukes’ rooms. Groups of 20-30 people pass to drawing room to escape crowds, which gives an opportunity to see splendid interiors of the palace. Sounds of string quartette can be heard during the arrival. Harp is playing in Crimson Drawing room. Guests are offered a glass of champagne in the winter garden and are invited to a cocktail party in the White gallery of the Palace. String quartette is playing all the time.

21.30 - The program starts
Presenters of the ball invite guests to the festive performance in the Hall with white columns. Presenters of the ball salute guests: this wonderful night they will spend together with future empress Catherine the Great and empress Elizabeth of all Russia. These walls still remember the Golden age of Russian nobility, and balls which were given here, so close to the Hermitage – residence of Russian Tsars, were famous all over Europe.

Front staircase. Click to enlargeAfter a short welcoming speech presenters of the ball announce the beginning of the program.

21.30-22.15 Ballet program with participation of soloists of Mariinsky Theatre

22.15-22.30 Presenters of the ball invite guests for the gala-dinner.
White gallery. Click to enlarge

22.30-23.55 Gala-dinner is held in drawing room. Arias from world famous operas will be performed by soloists of St.Petersburg theatres during the gala-dinner, piano music and string quartette are playing. Guests will see “Kalinka” and “Podmoskovnye vechera” dances performed by the soloist of Mariinsky (Kirov) Theatre.

23.55-24.00Glasses are raised, presenters of the ball wish everybody Happy New Year. Candles and Indian lights are lit, Christmas crackers flap, streamers are falling and festive music is playing. Festival is going on!

00.20 Presenters of the ball announce that everything is ready for the dance program in the White Hall. Modern and retro smash hits are playing during the party. Those who wish to dance move to the Hall, while the new year program is going on in drawing rooms.

00.25 An intermission for cheese

01.20 Kossack Ensemble «Bagatitsa» meets guests in the drawing room.

02.00 Presenters of the ball congratulate guests on the European New Year and invite everybody to enjoy fireworks. Guests move from Oak drawing room to Crimson drawing room. They enjoy the views of Peter and Paul fortress and the Neva embankment. Festive fireworks flash in the night sky. Those who wish can watch it from the balcony of the palace. Champagne is served.

02.00-03.00Festival is going on. Music is playing in the dance hall.

03.00-04.00 Guests departure.

Departure note: you can depart at any time. We will arrange taxi for you for free, as all is included

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