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18 March 2020 (Wed), 17:00 State Classical Circus of St. Petersburg (established 1827) - The Chinizelli circus - Show Let always there will be a sun!

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes (till 19:20)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for Let always there will be a sun! 2021-2022

Show in 2 act

Premiere of this production: 12 February 2016, The Chinizelli Circus

Since February 12, 2016 the new program in Circus on Fontanka «Let always there will be a sun!»

On an arena of "Chinizelli's Circus" there will ascend the sun!
On 12 February 2016 at 19:00 in "Chinizelli's Circus" the premiere of the new circus program "Let Always There Will Be a Sun" with participation of the People's artist of the USSR, the winner of the First international award of circus art "Master" in the nomination "Legend" - Oleg Popov will take place.
The Solar clown loved by millions invites you again to appear in circus of your childhood and to make a fascinating trip on a circus roundabout to the past! In representation there will be everything, for what we so love circus.
This unique representation which can't be passed!
In a performance Oleg Popov will show eight reprises, known and not known in Russia. 

Also will take part in the program:
- The glorified "Rope-walkers" under the leadership of the Honored actress of Russia Marianna Volzhanskaya;
- "The trained bears" the Honored artist of Russia Ivan Yarovy;
- "Acrobats on springboards" the People's artist of Russia Vyacheslav Cherniyevsky - owners of all prestigious circus world awards;
- Yury Volodchenkov - the unique equestrian who is operating a horse without hands, arrived to us after long tour across Europe;
- "The trained monkeys" and "The trained Dobermann terriers" Sergey Streletsky and Olga Wang of Yu Li
- Surprising trapeze artists Anatoly Kurov and Yana Serdyukova.
The production director and the scriptwriter – Vitaly Saltykov

Schedule for Let always there will be a sun! 2021-2022

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