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Mariinsky Ballet and Opera theatre backstage tour on 20 July 2024

View of the Mariinsky theatre from the right side
Click to enlarge You have unique opportunity to discover the secrets of one of the most famous theatres in the world. As the backstage tour is completely closed for general public, we will make sure that you have an experience of a lifetime.
Accompanied by a Mariinsky Theatre special guide, you will visit the theatre areas that are usually inaccessible to the public.
One of the most fascinating things in the theatre is it's size. The areas that are open for the general public is about 1/5 part of the theatre. It is a lot of interesting things on the both sides of the curtain.
You will hear about the history of the theatre - the main Ballet and Opera stage of the Russian Empire, about premieres, about world famous composers, dancers, singers and artists who worked at the Mariinsky.
You will see how a performance is engineered and how the scenery is made. It is also a unique opportunity to see scenery painting by famous Russian artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.
You will visit splendid White Hall at the foyer, where Russian Tsars spent time during the imtermissions. Also you will look at the stage from the Tsar's (President) Box, where Russian Tsars and their guests used to enjoy performances.
Main part of the tour is the legendary stage, where you will see a lot of suprises. One of them - magical picture that usually available to the artists only - view of the auditorum from the stage. You will see stage machinery, some of that were made in 18th and 19th centuries.
Also you will visit stage properties workshop. On the numerous shelves, there are everything that is needed to make a "special world" on the stage of the theatre - from the "Nutcracker" rats' masques to the "Swan Lake" mirror figures of the swans
One of the most fantastic parts of this excursion will be Golovinsky Hall (set-design area), which is located right under the theatre's cupola. Since 18th century – this is the very place where sets for the performances are being created.
Mariinsky backstage tour is one of the most unforgettable once in a lifetime experiences.

The cupola of the Mariinsky theatre
Click to enlarge Stage. That’s how the actors see the Main Hall from the stage
Click to enlarge Big Emperor's Crown on the top of the Tsars Box
Click to enlarge Golovinsky Hall. Painters' Hall is named after the artist Alexander Golovin, the author of many decorations to the performances and the famous curtain of the Mariinsky theatre
Click to enlarge The Stairs
Click to enlarge

Duration: about 1 hour

Number of visitors: from 6 to 20

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You can cancel or change the date of the backstage tour for any reason and receive a full 100% refund !
Cancellations and changes are possible up to 14 days (2 weeks) before the backstage tour date.
Please note that the tour should be bought in advance, it is best to buy it not later than 1 month before your visit. It is not possible to buy the tour in less than 1 week (7 days) before your visit.

World famous Mariinsky Ballet and Opera - established 1783 backstage tour
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Total tour price: US$ 840.00
Price per person: US$ 140.00

Mariinsky Theatre backstage tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation to the theatre and back (roundtrip transfer)
All the vehicles for transfers meets the highest requirements, including air condition or the climate control.
Transfer can be made from a hotel, apartment or other place.
We will drive you to the theatre. Driver will wait for you during all the tour. The vehicle will wait for you at the same place where you leave it.
After the tour, we can drive you back to the hotel, apartment etc. or we can drive you to any other place, e.g. restaurant, museum, etc.

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