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Vladimir Altschuler (Conductor)

Honoured artist of Russia
Conductor of St.Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra
Artistic director and Chief Conductor
of the St.Petersburg Academic Chamber Orchestra

Vladimir Altschuler was born in 1946 in Leningrad. He graduated from the Leningrad State Conservatoire in 1970 as a violinist in the class of professor Yuri Kramarov and as an opera-symphony conductor in 1983 in the class of professor Alexander Dmitriev.

He has been with the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Saint-Petersburg Philharmonia (St Petersburg Symphony Orchestra) since 1969, first as a player. In 1982 he was appointed as the principal of the viola section in this orchestra.

Vladimir Altschuler was the founder of the String Quartet of the Saint-Petersburg Philharmonia. For some years he worked as the professor of the Quartet classes in the Saint-Petersburg Conservatoire and headed the Chamber Orchestra of the Conservatoire in 1984 - 1989.

Vladimir Altschuler is well-versed in conducting symphony and chamber orchestras in the concert halls of the Saint-Petersburg Philharmonia, the Academic Capella and the Conservatoire. He has also conducted in many other prominent cities in Russia including Moscow as well as having successfully performed internationally with chamber and symphony orchestras in Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Norway, Turkey, Finland, Korea, Switzerland, Ireland and Great Britain.

Vladimir Altschuler has been the first to interpret a number of works by contemporary Russian composers - Ustvolskaya, Falik, Tsitovich, Agababov, Aslamazov, Bibik, etc. He has also made a number of records, radio and TV broadcasts. Vladimir Altschuler has performed with many talented Russian and foreign musicians such as L.Berman, G.Sokolov, N.Gutman, B.Gutnikov, V.Kraynev, G.Karr, M.Laforet, M.O‘Rourke, M.O‘Connor, N.Robson and A.Schmidt.

The critic V.Steingard wrote in the "Vecherniy Peterburg" ("Evening Petersburg"): "The intellectuality inherent in Petersburg’s conducting tradition combining thoughtfulness and plastic reserve along with a very wide gamut of emotions, in which there is place for explosive passion and even at times for ecstasy, are typical of his creative manner. Professionalism of the highest class has been inherited by Altschuler from his teacher - People‘s Artist of Russia A.Dmitriev, in his turn a student of the already legendary Nicolay Rabinovich".

The music critic of the French "Le Figaro" Pierre Petit remarked: "Vladimir Altschuler - a remarkable conductor who managed to follow Marc Laforet step by step in this fluctuating and undulating work".

The pianist Vladimir Kraynev observed: "Vladimir Altschuler’s skill in leading a rehearsal and making contact with the musicians brings him wonderful results".

Alexander Dmitriev has commented that Vladimir Altschuler’s excellent education, his wonderful technique and impeccable artistic taste lead naturally to great orchestral performances.

The gramophone records of V.Altschuler are:

  • Bach - Concert for two pianos and orchestra. A-10 00369007
  • Lyutsian Prigozhin - "Sun and Stones". C-10 21417003

    His CD recordings are:

  • 4 concerts for guitar and orchestra by Vivaldi, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, de Falla (recorded by "Sony").
  • The "Per Gynt" Suites No. 1 and 2 and Holberg-Suite by Grieg (recorded by "Melody").
    Both these CD‘s were recorded with the Academic Symphony Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra of the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Saint-Petersburg Philharmonia.
  • "Romeo and Juliet" by Tchaykosky, The 3-rd concert for piano and The 7-th Symphony by Beethoven. With the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland.

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