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Jackie Rubi (Organist)

Playing the organ is her life. Already at the age of seven, Jackie’s musical career begun on a piano. By saving money over years she conquered an electronic organ from her neighbour. It was her fulfilment to puzzle and fiddle for hours on her new attainment, her concentrated passion. Already as a kid, there was just the one and only thing of interest to her: The Hammond Organ.

On her second-chance education she attended the “Swiss Jazz School” in Bern where Hammond organ and piano were her major study-subjects, and she completed here studies in modern music and Sound Studio Techniques in the academy of music in Basel as well as the job-adjoining training course for teachers of keyboard-instruments in Trossingen, Germany. Finally she graduated with a diploma for jazz and theatre-organ music, as well as for modern chamber-music and for pop-arrangements at Enschede’s academy of music in Netherlands. Later she finished her musical career by graduating with a diploma as a choirmaster and in classic organ playing at the Church Music Academie in Aarau, Switzerland.

Jackie M. Rubi-Guenthart is well known as the author of the organ teaching book series entitled “Orgel, Keyboard und Piano spielen ein Erlebnis” and for many other sheet-music for keyboards and pianos, all of them published by “Edition Melody” in Zurich.

She is the founder and the owner of the Orgelsurium, a worldwide unique and fascinating Hammond organ museum in Unterengstringen, near Zurich. Jackie M. Rubi-Guenthart is inventor and editor of the annually re-emerged “Musik Kalender”, containing organ concerts “from baroque on to jazz”. Herself, she plays on classic pipe-organs to the compositions starting with acts of Johann Sebastian Bach and going on to acts of jazz. She plays on several international organfestivals in Piemonte, Rom, Elsass (France), Lahti (Finland) and Switzerland. She also is the owner and the manager of Musik Guenthart AG in Unterengstringen, Switzerland. She teaches piano and organ and she is an organist at the Reformed Church in Uitikom-Waldegg, near Zurich, where she frames its church services with jazz-music, subsidiary to the ordinary church-organ music.

In August 2005 Jackie M. Rubi-Guenthart’s newest CD with the title “Organ Grinder's Swing” turned up. It is played and recorded on the historical church-organ in the Buehl-Church in Zurich.

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