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17 April 2017 (Mon), 19:00 Alexandrinsky Imperial Ballet Theatre (established 1756) - PERM BALLET Classical Ballet Choreography by Alexey Miroshnichenko " Cinderella" Ballet-drama in three acts

Schedule for Choreography by Alexey Miroshnichenko " Cinderella" Ballet-drama in three acts 2018

Orchestra: Symphony Orchestra "Congress"

New Cinderella looks like a guidebook on ballet life, from Hell to Paradise.


Perm Cinderella is not a “ballet drama in three acts”(…), but a true film where dance and music are the main means of expression.

Cinderella is about theatre and the people without whom it would remain just an architectural construction. A theatre story about artists, narrated with humor, sadness and infinite love.

Pro Teatr

The fairy tale escalates and tamps the reality and gets together all the tiny episodes from different times and countries.


Classical music is classical because it opens an infinite space for interpretations for the creators.

Intoxicated by “the melancholy happiness” of the Prokofiev music as Teodor Currentzis put it when speaking about the Cinderella, The Perm Ballet created his story, which is neither a fairy tale nor a parable, but rather a novel about their theatre, their art and the history of their country that is the same for all of us.

Year 1957. “The main theatre of the country” stages the Cinderella and the web of intrigues, passions and interests rapidly evolves around the production. Aging primas group together against a rising star, a young choreographer wins over the honourable maestro in an artistic duel, the local minister decides the fates of art, the foreign prince appear at the Festival of Students and Adolescents, intelligence agents watch over the purity of morals and the political orientation of citizens vigilantly, the wardrobe of the artists changes dramatically after the tour abroad…

This performance has got it all:

  • A solid literary plot that is worth of the works of such Russian film directors as Grigory Aleksandrov and Eldar Ryazanov.
  • A huge number of details on the ballet life behind the stage.
  • Choreography features of the “drama ballet” of the 1930-s and “ballet symphony” of the 1950-s.
  • Strikingly dynamic change of episodes and acts.
  • Hundreds of costumes, creating an astonishingly nostalgic and touching aura.
  • And, certainly, an exquisite ball with Cinderella and her wonderful dress.

There is love, too. A big and complicated, that requires one to make a choice and sacrifice. With hopes and mistakes. Very bright and therefore topped by the magically beautiful open ending.


Ballet Master-Producer: Alexey Miroshnichenko

Musical Director: Teodor Currentzis

Set Designer: Aliona Pikalova

Ñostumes: Tatiana Noginova

Lighting Designer: Alexey Choroshev

Assistent conductor: Andrey Danilov

Associate Set Designer: Svetlana Nechaeva


World Premiere: 20 December 2016, Perm Opera Ballet Theatre

Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes with two intermission

Schedule for Choreography by Alexey Miroshnichenko " Cinderella" Ballet-drama in three acts 2018

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